If Only I can

September 16, 2009 – BLOGSPOT

There are these instances in my life of where my strengths ang weaknesses are both tested. Instances that happen on a very ordinary day that may or may not keep your breath away. I once knew that my family and my friends are my weaknesses, yet they became my strengths at any sorts. But how? How does it goes that way? Whenever, I am given an opportunity to show off myself, I keep thinking that if ever I made the opportunity, my family and friends would be so much happy for me, and also for themselves. In short, they became my genuine inspirations. The treasures that make me more brilliant and even shine more. I’m very glad seeing them smiling with me because of my victory, laughing with me because of my success, celebrating with me because of my triumph. So replenishing, so nourishing, so fulfilling in the soul, especially when you know someone is very cheering for you. Nice feeling, isn’t it?


But there are also these times when they became my weaknesses, making me the weakest person compared to a very sickly and depressed man. Those times are tear-falling instances. Some can be controlled, come can’t be and just really wanted to show. It is just happiness-lowering scene when i see my friedns especially my family suffering, most if they suffer because of me and for me. With health, with happiness, with bonding and fun, with wealth, with pleasure, with love and care, of all those things, i just hate seeing them all happening, knowing that it is really occurring. Those things made me feel depressed, sad and teary, and even that sorrowful.


For two different situations towards one fate, STRENGTHS of making it through success, WEAKNESSES of suffering of my loved ones that I should suffer instead, and of how I wish I will make it and I can step in those those sufferings, just IF ONLY I CAN.

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