Amazing to the power of 12

Third Sunday of November, 2010. A friend of mine invited me to go to a BIG place that i never visited even once. At no expense, I go with my friend. I can’t imagine how would that place looks like. Though it never excites me that much.

Just as we arrived, I can’t resist myself to say “Amazing!”, as I figured out that all their public vehicles should be painted Green. But I just neglect that thing and never expect for more. As we went to other special places within that big place, I saw a CASTLE-like building. It was so BIG! I just can’t help myself from being so astonished. I kept on staring it from the ground to its peak. I kept on roaming around that “castle” and I saw this GIANT Holy Rosary. It was the big place’s New Cathedral. Then for the second time, I yell “Amazing!”. As we get inside the Cathedral, the ceiling, the vastness of the area, the pictures on the wall, the stained glasses, everything captured my attention. That made me say “Amazing!” for the third time. Our next stop was the big place’s Freedom Park. for the fourth time, “Amazing!”. I saw these children showering at the same time having fun in the fountain.

As we walk along, the big place’s pride, I saw it for the first time. It was the GIANT Christmas Tree. No doubt, it was really a giant. For the fifth time, “Amazing!”. The Rotary Park was where we go next. The Sandy Volleyball court made me say “Amazing!” for the sixth time. I look around and I noticed these colored circular chairs. “Amazing!” for the seventh time. I can’t believe that the big place’s authorities had initiated to construct those ones. For the next place where we will be going, I expect too much from that. As we were there already, “Amazing! Amazing! Amazing!”. Everything was more than too much of my expectations. The statues of saints and angels, the chandeliers, the little chapels and some wood carvings, they made me all mesmerized and say “Amazing!” for the eighth time. I just can’t believe that I have been kind of Cathedral.

Taking a tour around the Cathedral, I saw those devotees doing dances in front of the statues. It was their belief. It has to do with their faith. Their faithfulness, made me say “Amazing!” for the ninth time. As we went back to the Freedom Park waiting for something, I saw that vendor playing this flying-lighting toy. He threw it in the air for the tenth time, “Amazing!”. I was so “child-like” to be amazed that much. One more thing, I ate “kwek-kwek”. But extraiordinarily, it was this “kwek-kwek” with 21 days old “balut” added with some seaweeds, cucumber and pineapple. for the eleventh time, “Amazing!”.

And what I waited for so long, it was already there. The Giant Christmas Tree was very sparkling, very glaring, very pleasing to my eyes. For the twelfth time, I yelled loudly, “Amazing!”. The red, green, blue and gold Christmas lights made my Third Sunday of November, 2010 in TAGUM CITY very “Amazing!”

I just can’t wait for some other times where I can say more than twelve times the word “Amazing!” as I travel farther. 🙂

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