"I learned something new today"

In every single day that we live, it is very fulfilling whenever we can utter these words as we end another 24 hours of our life. In every single day that we exist, it is very pleasing how we make the most of the 1440 hours of our life. In every single day that we survive, it is very heartwarming that we had able to surpass the 86 400 seconds of difficulties in our life. In every single day that we breathe, it is very gratifying that God has given us another chance to improve ourselves to the best that we can.

Today, November 19, 2010, I attended a meeting for Project Proposals for SICO in cooperation with the Campus Clubs Organization. Honestly, I should have not been there. The Cluster heads of SICO are the ones who should be attending the meeting. Unfortunately, our cluster head is busy and no one can attend the meeting. And I guess, as part of our cluster, it is also my duty to represent our cluster whenever I have to.

When the meeting is about to start, I was so shocked at the same time so frightened. Why? 15 people should be attending the meeting and there are only 7 of us there. And I was the only second year student present. I am with our Coordinator together with the older SICO volunteers, not just older volunteers but they are the students that most of the Ateneans are expecting too much from them.

As we go on, it is very rewarding that I was able to get along with them. I tried to share some of my thoughts and I made it. But one important thing that happened during the meeting is that, I have learned so many things especially from our Coordinator. And I never let myself to miss this opportunity to learn. I jutted down essential ideas that I heard.

“Some of us are used of Messianic way of doing our tasks, but we should learn to DELEGATE”

“There’s no I in team”

Make every work SSS: “Short, Simple and Smart”

“Sometimes, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel; you just have to modify it.”

“Do I make everything crystal? Answer: CLEAR. [It is just a fun way of clearing things out.]

Lastly, what our Coordinator said later that meeting had remained for so long in my mind,

I learned something new today”

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