nO regrets!!

New decisi0n in lyf.. put t0 blame? or put t0 never?

i think i’m happy ! i think i’m n0t .. =[[.. mxaya nah aq ngeun kxi jan pa rin xa !! pr0 di pra xa akin.. pr0 pra xa iba!!

hMm, lam q mxama mgxel0x !! hahaha !! gugma nah lng jhud !! hMm, after all d0x tryin’ stiLL never satisfied datx his xtiLL der !!

aHm, xana man gud kxi ala q nah lng y0n gnawa !! pr0 i xh0uld never regret.. kxi bc0x 0f it i learned a l0t..

th0oinhx !! hahaha !! bhala nah kng n0h mngyari .. pr0 xana di nq mxktan .. pr0 kei nah lng din , at leaxt n0w i kn0w f0r evry hurt i learn ..

learning nah lng jhud q always and ala nah tama q mbuhat !! hahaiy !! give and give nah lng !! kunchabgay!! itx better t0 give dan 2 receive !!

wixhing all g0od f0r me !! i mean bext d.i !! bhala nah !! unta jhud dli nah xad q mgcc in d end !!

happy man q n0w, pr0 xad in a p0int nah i think he’s n0t rily der !! bxtah unexplainable feeling !! ala gud sure2 ..

daw 50-50 jap0n !! hMm, daw feel q in the end , mglub0g ghp0n ang bangka!! hahaha !! bhala nah !! by G0d’x grace and mercy, h0pe everything will be g0od !!

pLxXxx !! i learned t0 sacrifice, i experience x0o much pain , i give my aLL, and h0ping everything will be d bext !!

xana tlga !! pLxXxXx !!

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