Life has been getting more conflicting to me as several days passed. More questions are being founded in my mind that is left unanswered. Such questions were, “Where does like taking me?”, “What am I still going to do to make the most of what I have?” “What’s my purpose for living more?”

Lucky then, I found the book I gave my sister for Christmas which I think she was already done reading. And I think, this gonna be the right time for me to have this book borrowed and read it for next 40 days.

Here in my blog I’ll share to you the insights I reflected after reading each Chapter.

Day 1.               It All Starts with God.

Day 2.              You are Not an Accident

Day 3.              What Drives your Life?

Day 4.              Made to Last Forever

Day 5.              Seeing Life from God’s View

Day 6.             Life is a Temporary Assignment

Day 7.             The Reason for Everything

Day 8.             Planned for God’s Pleasure

Day 9.

Day 10.

Day 11.

Day 12.

Day 13.

Day 14.

Day 15.

Day 16.

Day 17.

Day 18.

Day 19.

Day 20.

Day 21.

Day 22.

Day 23.

Day 24.

Day 25.

Day 26.

Day 27.

Day 28.

Day 29.

Day 30.

Day 31.

Day 32.

Day 33.

Day 34.

Day 35.

Day 36.

Day 37.

Day 38.

Day 39.

Day 40.

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