Have a Healthy and Fit 2014

Truthfully, I am an avid fan of being healthy and getting fit. However, my previous lifestyle didn’t help me that much to make it more obvious. But I tried through my little ways. Even before I was still young, I exercised frequently in my own room. Sometimes, I exercise to keep me awake to have more time to study. Aside from that, as early as 10, I already realized that being healthy is very important as we get older. When I went to the city to study for college, I go for jogging but only for long breaks. But I do sit-ups with the help of my borrowed metal spring to keep me going. I can say that I am slightly fit when I was 15. However, when tedious school responsibilities get in my way, I exercised very often.

After I graduated from college, I worked immediately. There I started my food intake control to boost my metabolism. I have a problem with excreting waste in my body. For the longest time, it would take me around 8 days before I can poop. On that 6th or 7th day, I already felt so bloated and dizzy. It’s very uncomfortable. So, I never ate meat (pork or beef) for almost 4 months of working. I eat only fruits, vegetable, fish and chicken. But more often chicken. So, I got allergies when eating chicken. Aside from that, I also had problem with my Urinary Tract Infection which acquired since I was 7yrs old because of too much junk food. After being hospitalized, I often eat junk foods. I only eat maybe equivalent to less than a week for the whole year. And that would be forever. My UTI was also caused by drinking flavored drinks, like softdrinks, juices, coffee, tea and the like, compared to water. I didn’t love drinking water because it made me feel like vomitting especially drinking water early in the morning. I most of the time drink 2-3 glasses of water only a day because I am diuretic. I am lazy to go to the bathroom more frequently.

Sooooo, that was before. And I have learned my lesson.

After this 4 months of rest and keeping myself within my comfort zone here in our home, I wanted to keep up my energy in being healthy and fit since I’ll be working again away from home. Now I know what’s the better thing to do.

1. Have a healthy and balanced diet. – Control eating, more water, avoid junk foods and too much sweets. 

2. Exercise daily. – Toning my body, not being skinny but fit

3. Rest and sleep well – I will not tire and stress myself that much

4. Keep a positive outlook in life. – Positive outlook attracts positive results. 

And I’m sharing you some exercise notes I’ve got from Pinterest which I’ll be doing soon. My focus is abs, butt, bust, inner thighs and flabby arms.









And here’s a favorite thing that I was looking for, easy detox recipe.


I hope this will help me and you. So, start living healthy and fit this 2014!


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