The Big one meets the Little one. #Happiness


Hello guys! I just can’t resist myself to share to you how happy I am for God‘s gift of July 23 and 24 to me. Some might knew how I was extremely tired and restless of the past weeks. Exams, activities, conflicts, troubles, distress and loneliness, they all succumb me to cry inside my room every night. But God has answered my prayers. Last Saturday night (July 21), I received a good news from my family that they are coming not only to do important things but also to visit me. I was hesitant actually to believe because this might not happen again. But during the early morning of Monday, with the excitement and nervousness both cracking me,still it was the one of the happiest days of my life.

For more than a month, I never seen my family and with all the troubles around me, I am seeking their presence to remind me that I am never alone in this world.


Hooray! Here’s my little sister when we meet again in this big city. I was teary-eyed. It’s just that I felt the strong belongingness that I almost forgot. We had a heavy lunch at a Chinese restaurant, walked around and I saw how my little sister loved everything around. She’s even more excited than me I guess.


We visited Toy Kingdom and check out some goodies. We played like there’s no more tomorrow.


This is the best thing. My muscle were challenged of pulling and pushing this big horsey yet, I really had so much fun.

Me and my mama were both tired already. But this little girl still has the highest energy level and wanted to get into the choo-choo. She’s very brave for getting in there alone. 

But here’s what i really missed when I am at home, sleeping with my little buddy.


Early in the morning, she made this for everybody. God’s little princess.


Even we lose the game, we always win with fun.


I really thanked my Mama for taking time to be with me. I may see how tired she may be. But she’s still on the go to have fun with us.


I may be absent during my 5 classes since yesterday (Monday). But I will not replace this kind of happiness in my life. Many things might stumble, but this type will always be in the perfect place. I will miss my Mama and Sister again. But for now, I thanked God for hearing my prayers. 🙂



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