After a Decade and Half

Wednesday, November 18, 2009 – BLOGSPOT

The tough 15 years of my life was really unforgettable. It’s when I think that I’m actually growing up. At my early age, innumerable experiences are my indulgence. From easy to difficult, from little to small to big to large, from happy to sad, from sorrow to laughter. I have been through a lot of these experiences which made me of what i am now.

at 1, my father was only the man of my life, and my mother was the only friend I trusted a lot.

at 2, mama and papa were the words I tell everyone.

at 3, it is when I try to choose for myself, yet my parents know what’s best for me.

at 4, I started collecting friends who turn my each day to an amazing one.

at 5, learning was inevitable, it is when abc’s and 123’s play their biggest role in my life.

at 6, my first to a bigger world challenges me a lot.

at 7, it is when I tell to myself that 1 + 1 is always 2 and not 3 or 0 and even 1.

at 8, my life is accompanied with such rhythm and beat of sounds.

at 9, friendship was actually what I treasure most.

at 10, I’d known that life was a battle to fight on, and a journey to move on.

at 11, failures are my finest teachers.

at 12, I begin to search my true identity.

at 13, I’ve known that my life is actually mine and not of others.

at 14, my heart softens at someone who came along with me in my journey.

at 15, life was never easy, i have to stand to live for my own and for those whom I love. The battle gets tougher and tougher each day and the journey was difficult to move on.

and yet, there is this MAN who guides me throughout a DECADE and a HALF, who planned everything about me and of me, even the single strand of my hair, and the tiniest wound I have.

My life, it is no longer steady, I can never be always 15 for the next years to come. I’m growing old and I’m growing so fast. Everything in my life is changing, and I don’t still have the thoughts of what will happen next ..

at 16, ….

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