A Game of Chance

May 7, 2009 – BLOGSPOT


Terribly wrong, I thought life was so easy as playing with toys. It would be as grabbing everything that is in front of you , but really its not! You be suffering too much pain for you to get everything that is in front of you. Dreams are hindered by many people, insults, sarcasms, disappointments and the like. Tough, very tough, so tough! You didn’t know what will happen next. What will gonna happen if you make this, make that, say this and say that. Getting tired, getting difficult, getting harsh. For sometimes, you just want to cry in a loud scream for the world to hear that you are hurting. But then, sad to know, no one else cares. If you commit mistakes, people turn down on you, look so down, very down on you. Thinking that you are the most imperfect person living in this entire universe. Losing opportunities, taking chances, what else life should give?

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