Coming of soon

in a cold rainy afternoon,
in a pedicab i was riding alone
thinking of the past that i always look back
and wishing that it was still happening in every tick of my clock

in a warm morning,
the sweet rays of sun touches my skin, oh so loving!
wanted to see smiles of people
listening to my name every time they call

in a heat-up noon,
the body screams for food.
in every sip and yum, yes! it was so good.
my tongue crave for anything, wanting to taste everything so soon.

in a windy dusk,
the laughter of my friends turn into my face’s mask.
covering the loneliness of the late dark night
becoming the lovely girl that I might.

Oh sun, oh moon,
oh light, oh dark,
I can’t wait for the coming of soon. 🙂

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