You are still the same MAN that I know..

You really had never changed, you are still the only MAN I loved so much and no one else I can loved just as I loved you. Your love for your special one, for me, for her, for that little one keeps us of living despite the hard times we have been.

“You are a liar! Yes, you are! You are so selfish, and it is so true!”

And because of being what you are, you try to walled us from pain and difficulties. You keep on strengthening us even at times that we and You is so weak. You’re the only man that made me of what I became, I become and will become someday. You provided us with everything that we need, despite of the hardship that you experienced, instead of experiencing them all with us., You taught us to stand on our own, but at times we are far from you, the loneliness we feel is quite that different. Your desire of keeping us together made each of us stronger to hold on each day. I’m so blessed that I have you as what you are in my life. It’s amazing to know that despite of the storms that you encountered for us, you are still very thankful for what we have right now. And I guess, that’s the spirit. And I’m so glad that I also have it because of you.

With every word you speak, youmade these eyes of mine away from dryness. Not because of hurt asnd pain but of so much happiness becuase i was born for you, and because of you.

I ♥ You PAPA!

I’ll promise to still be your little princess through the ages. And you will always be the King in me,

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