Oozing the PAIN was never FUN .. =(

Time of my life, that’s what I look for. To have the time where I will succeed and find that true and right someone who would actually hold me high and tight. Someone who would never let me go as they always say, and that someone that can take my breath away. For all these long, tough years, i have been with someone I thought and still hoping to be my forever till my very end, to be my happiness and my future success.

I were still very young since I got fell in love with him. Then, it was never in my mind. and never in him also, that we may took a long run in our relationship. We’ve been through hard days, difficult weeks and months, and even painful years. Painful it is, loving is soothing in the soul yet slowly breaking you and causing you so much pain. But I tell you, holding on even in times of giving up made us stronger, keep us standing until the next tick of the clock.

Yet, behind that “holding on” are unheard heartbeats asking for help, to hear their helpless sounds. Oozing the pain from the inside was never really fun. Even crying to let the hurt out, was never a remedy. Telling how much hurt you feel was never even a cure. What else can I do? What else can I choose for?

For now, it’s about, hearing those unheard heartbeats, wiping those tears of crying feelings, and waiting for the next tick of the clock where I am hoping that we can be happy again, live our lives in our unending success.

Lose no hope for the both of us. Keep holding on and never that giving up. Let every happiness and pain sooth into our souls.

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