It wasn’t =(

Life wasn’t just permanent at all. things always come and go knowingly and unknowingly, expectedly and unexpectedly, even if you like it or dislike it. My. life, my status, my placement, my living, and myself, everything is very different right now. I don’t even know where do I really live and where do I really belong. I’m adjusting, yes I am, but it’s hard, really hard. I’m getting hard coping up in this world, and accepting that this is reality and I can no longer escape from this reality. It’s a mere fact that life is not a matter of choice or options, but life itself depends on one’s fate and his way on working of his fate. I’m somehow lucky of still surviving until this 15th year of my life and continuing to survive until my last breath comes. Quite hard, very hard, so hard, living in this world with all the changes happening is never that simple like changing clothes daily. Positively, it’s a lot of fun meeting new faces of different places. Interesting, knowing your strengths and weaknesses. Proudly saying, I can survive at all walks of life. Taking risks, long hours of travel, heavy things to carry, waters along the way, add up all the mud and dust, including the smoke and odor. Everything maybe so messy, so dirty, so unpleasing, but I’m on my way of making it. At all cross roads, we will surely make it, in unity, in failure and certainly, in success.

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