2 Days and 1 Night DIY Itinerary in Cagbalete Island, Quezon

alking about Quezon Province, one of the most recommended beach to visit is the Cagbalete Island. It offers pristine white sand and blue waters which is perfect for your beach bumming. It is located on the southern part of Quezon and normally, travel time is only 4-5 hours. Cagbalete Island has the extreme low and high tide. You can swim early morning and later in the afternoon when the water comes back near the shore.

4 Days and 3 nights DIY Itinerary in Coron

“Very laid-back”, that’s the usual adjective you can always attach with Coron. All in all, the whole trip was so remarkable to me. First, because I did it all alone. Second, I was able to see with my own eyes the priceless beauty of Coron that everyone should also see. Friendly advice, “Take a leave and go to Coron.”