Hey! Yes, I am so glad because I already got my new partner in blogging! My New Lumix S1 from Panasonic. I bought this from I-Click DigiShop at SM Annex, Davao City.

Just a few hours ago, I, Lord and Ate Shey went to SM to buy my newest friend. It was a whole lot of fun talking with the Sales Rep of I-Click Miss Abygail and Mr. Alvin.

Here’s a bit of the pictures I took to test if the Camera is doing well.




I bought this Camera because I wanted to personally own one. I’m starting to see my dreams and even see them clearer as time passes by so fast. I don’t want to miss any chance without taking treasures out of each day I start and end.

I would like to thank my best buddies who gave me suggestions and accompanied me to buy this camera. To Ate Shey for motivating to buy a Lumix and to Lord for arguing with me to buy a Sony yet still accompanied me to buy Lumix and choose the black one.

My new LUMIX. My new Love.

Sooner, I will continue to post photos that how I wish you’ll love too. Just photos of my silly living of everyday.

By the way, here is my first photo of myself embracing my new life partner.

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