My ♥.


As we walk along the roads of life, we find people very happy with someone at their side. Someone that holds their hand and never let go. Someone they run to when they almost falling and drag down by problems. Someone they share their craziest dreams and laugh at them. Someone that will fill the emptiness they feel deep within.

Sometime in our life whether we like it or not, God will really send an angel that will soften a hard heart, and melt it away with love. This as long as He planned for you to have one. Nevertheless, it will really be there.

For almost 2 years after ending an almost 4 years relationship, it wasn’t really easy to go on with the life you used to knowing that there is this someone you can rely when you can’t trust yourself anymore. Despite of the rough road of moving on, thank GOD I survived this stage of my life that I can’t imagine that I can. Almost 2 years is long. Yes it is very long and I don’t know how long will this get through.

Honestly, I miss that intimate feeling. The sweet feeling. The romantic feeling. That love. That happiness. That fulfillment. Family and friends can give them to you but we must be true to ourselves that when it is from someone special, it is different. It is precious. Every moment is worth treasuring.

I may not have the power to choose who should God give me, let me have this chance to share what would I dream that man could be.

*I don’t dream of someone who is very handsome. No! for that nice looking guy. Just someone who knows how to dress well and fix his own self. Someone who is definitely NOT VAIN, especially a guy who uses those goddamn cosmetics more than a girl, more than I can put on to. (I don’t really use a lot of them, just the normal girls have, I have too.)

*I like it when he loves his mom, his dad, his little sisters and when he’s a special person in the FAMILY. Definitely, the way he loves his own family reflects the way he would possibly love you.

*I’m amazed if he is someone who lived by his PASSION. It will be nice if we’ve got the same passion.

-MUSIC. When he can sing well, OM! That’s awesome. I’ll be in love everyday. or when he can play guitar and I’ll sing for him. or he can beat the drums or play the piano or any instrument.

PHOTOGRAPHY. If he loves to pose, or he wants to take photos. My family loves that so much especially my mama and papa.

-CULINARY. When he can bake, he can cook, we don’t need to go out that often because I’ll always love to eat everything he will cook/bake.

*I love him if he is someone who loves the little CHILDREN and loves to play with them. They become my life’s happiness. When he’s heart is soft to children who are unfortunate.

*I’ll be glad if he not really loves but enjoys reading books, watching movies, and eats a bit of EVERYTHING. Because like me, I don’t really love reading books but I enjoy reading some, I don’t really love watching movies but I enjoy a few, but I love eating a bit of Everything. Trying all types of food before I die.

*Someone who loves to go for adventure. Someone who loves to travel.

*I will be attracted to him everyday when he’s a boy who knows how to pray and who knows how to thank God.

*Somebody who never thinks of money. He’s practical but he never make it to cut enjoyment because of money. He has initiative and he’s creative.

*When he loves surprises and he will surprise me in his own simple little ways.

*When he can be my best friend, my dad, my sister, my mom, my teacher, my bodyguard, my son, my playmate, my best buddy.

*He is the best when has priorities in life. When he believes in his dreams and wanted to make them all come true.

Actually, there’s a lot more. But I guess, whenever he’s there already, I will love HIM no matter what circumstances will be.

5 thoughts on “My ♥.

  1. Insipid Life Of Mine says:

    Wow! I must admit I was a bit apprehensive after reading all that but luckily I think I’m the one you are looking for. Although, minus photography and I don’t know how to bake…yet. Lol

    Of course, humor you is one thing I can do. Nice post and I hope you will find the “angel” you are looking for or perhaps finds you.

    Enjoy life! 🙂

    1. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

      HAHA. You must love photography and know how to bake first. HAHA. Just kidding. Wow! You’re great. Nice humor. 🙂 Thank you very much. I hope you too can find your own, unless you already have yours. Take care. 🙂

      1. Insipid Life Of Mine says:

        Yep, I think I will learn how to bake sooner or later but photography, I’m not sure about that.

        I will probably someday…at the moment I only like the idea of being in-love and somehow I know that I’m not ready yet to be committed. Lol

        Anyways, thank you for the compliment as well and ditto.


  2. Joberlyn R. Manaois says:

    Yes, that would be a very nice idea. 🙂 Anyway, you need not to learn all of them in just a glimpse. 🙂 Having a plan though is great already, and making them real is the greatest. Just take time when your heart will be ready. :))) You are very much welcome. 🙂

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