One Crazy Summer 2012 ♥

Summer 2012 is fast approaching. Today is 3.12.12 and I’m making myself ‘hopefully’ ready for my 2nd to the last exam for this semester tomorrow – Philosophy. Anyway, I just can’t resist myself keeping up with the excitement I feel for my summer fun. Just this afternoon, after a surprise birthday bash for Daphne I decided to stroll around the city.

I drop myself first at Gaisano Mall around 2:00pm. I walk around and trying to find the white dress for my little sister to wear during her FIRST graduation – one thing that I look forward to. Mom told me that I’ll be the one to take her on stage and confer her the medal. Going back, I entered the Book Store as usual when I hangout with myself. I saw this book ‘One Crazy Summer’. For many times I visit the store, I’d always say to myself to buy this book. I started to browse the pages and began to read a few. I suddenly closed it and really wanted to buy. However, I am quite reluctant to spend much of my money for now. After a while, I went to the Cafe and ordered some Carbonara and stayed there for more than an hour and study for my exam.

Not yet getting tired, I decided to go to NCCC Mall and check their available clothes. Sadly, no enticing designs were available that I need. Walking around and again, I entered the Booksale, it’s the book store selling old books for low prices. There I bought most of my books. I was looking for the same book checking if it has different price with the other one I saw. Though it wasn’t my intention to search for it, because I only want to buy a good book that would not cost me that much for me to read this summer. Just before I leave the store, I saw the book with the other books that I already read “A table for Two”. I was stacked seeing the book over the counter with my face on my palm-with-my-elbow-on-top-of-the-counter. I was like thinking again to buy it or not. And I said, before I leave Davao for Summer, am gonna buy it.

Hopefully, before I’ll start my summer fun stops I’ll be able to buy it on Wednesday. ♥

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