Noise! Please leave me! But how can the noise leave me if I myself is the noise? I will leave myself? That’s impossible!

The start of my week week was disastrous. Why?

I am an AUDITORY learner. I prefer to learn by hearing. And I tend to move my lips and read out loud. I much prefer a spoken explanation to myself for me to clarify if I really understand what i am reading. And here’s why it’s a disaster. Currently, I am staying in a room where sound waves can easily pass through going to the other side of the room. In other words, the walls are not that thick. Because of this, people from the outside can hear and been distracted of my loud voice which I call as “NOISE“.

This is my problem. Since I was in elementary, I am used of reading books aloud especially at dawn.Good thing that i am staying in our OWN house and the place is very convenient for me to study. But in my case now, I am not in my own house. I am then, in the midst of considering my own comfort and others’ comfort. I can’t read out loud because others are already sleeping and I might disturb them. I was thinking of many solutions to my problem.

1. I just continue what I used to do even others are uncomfortable with it.

– But that makes me too insensitive. But others say, it’s not. Because I have the right to do what I want. In fact, I don’t violate any laws of the land, any human rights, and either any law of God.

2. I read in school, record everything in a n electronic device and I’ll hear it through earphones when I’m already at home.

-This can be a good idea but, this somehow won’t help me develop more of my skills. With my habits, I know this couldn’t help me a lot.

3. Cover my room with lots of hard stuffs that sound waves can’t pass through like egg trays, ‘carton’, styrofoam and the like.

-It’s very costly and needs a lot of effort yet, I know it is very effective. Plus, this make me feel like I’m a recording artist in my own recording studio. :)))

4. Lastly, to practice myself and change from being an auditory learner to a VISUAL learner

-I will try to learn by seeing and writing. That instead of reading out loud, I’ll try to read by my eyes only. Instead of speaking all the explanations out loud, I’ll just write it down.

I’ll take this no.4 solution. It is then one way to challenge myself. This can be very difficult at first, but I know I’ll just get you used to it as time passes by. I must also let myself to be flexible in every situation.

BUT! If this will greatly affect my performance in class, then I’ll go for the no.3 solution as my LAST resort. (though now, I am already starting to collect egg trays.) :)))

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