♥Risky chances♥

May 17, 2008

Taking risks in life has been the most cruel and very playful thing I’d done in my life. It’s a guide for a straight or could be a crooked path towards the end of a journey. It’s a thing describe as “now or never”. At times life was settled to a 50-50 condition, a life and death unseen battle, when there no manifestos, no prospects, no maps, and no guides, and everything is unclear. Perhaps, one thing is sure above them all, it is my way, your way, our way is unimagined. Things come and go unexpectedly, suddenly, unconsciously.

Tough moments which test everything in you, mild and calm moments which would really mend you to stay as that for long and keep telling you not to move on towards the next step in life. Yet, sometimes, it has been fun, like playing a game and winning, winning and winning. It seems to be a very loving feeling that I don’t want to end up everything for now, but whenever the time came that you lose the game, failing to reach your goals after taking hard time of doing all the risks, here you are, in a very downfall memento of which you just to shut up, sit down and set everything aside.

Like a man who wants to commit suicide by jumping from a very high building trying to end his miserable life. A sense of giving up that all the hope in you had gone and flew with the wind. And seems like everybody don’t really care at all, in you, about you and of you. Whenever you fail, every mistake you’ve done which caused you to fail became a talk of town. People tend to talked badly without knowing that they were already hurting people, making people feel that life is already over and there are no hopes for that.

But it wasn’t! For sometimes when we fail, some people try to take chances again and go on especially when the thing that they have been taking risks for is very precious and significant for them. But for some other time, everybody will really become so tired and just think of losing up everything they’d done, even though there are still a lot of time and chances to grab.

Life is just a way of deciding whether you take a risk and take a hard time on it, or just set it aside and just let the time flow wherever, whenever it goes. But remember, upon taking risks. There are still a lot of people who’s still willing to their hands, enabling you to hold on to them and go, move on! But in case you are always failing and falling down, never ever keep into your mind the thing called GIVING UP! Because whenever you stand up from falling, it defines hope for new chapter of success, not now but maybe LATER!

Life is filled with a number of chances and yopu just have to find the right chance for you to win the battle.

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ EVERYTHING is under HIS plan, just BELIEVE! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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